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Charged with DUI: Why did the police fingerprint me and take my mugshot if I am not yet convicted or found guilty?

There are almost no criminal offences in Canada that the police will not fingerprint the accused for when charged. They have a right to do so under the Identification of Criminals Act. The name of the legislation is misleading because just because someone is fingerprinted does not make them a criminal or guilty of anything. Everyone in Canada is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The police can and always will fingerprint and take the mugshot of everyone charged with a DUI related offence. They do this because they want to identify who the person is without a doubt. People can share names and dates of birth and it is important that they know exactly who they are charging. They will often ask about and take pictures of tattoos, scars and other identifying marks as part of the fingerprinting process.

When the police take your fingerprints they will provide it to the RCMP to be entered into the CPIC database which is accessible and used by all law enforcement agencies in Canada and the USA (including U.S. Customs).

It is also likely available to law enforcement in other countries such as the U.K. and Australia. CPIC is the main database federal agencies such as IRCC will use when deciding on immigration applications.

If this whole process and the information sharing seems scary to you, it should. It can come up and negatively impact your travel, immigration, background checks, employment, etc. for the rest of your life.

In some cases the fingerprints and mugshot along with the information in the RCMP CPIC database can be destroyed but that will depend on your personal history and the outcome of the case.

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