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Career effects of being charged with drunk driving

If you are convicted of DUI, it will show on all criminal records checks. The record of the charge will be stores in the CPIC system operated by the RCMP which all policy agencies in Canada use to produce criminal record checks. There is no absolute or condition discharge option for DUI offences. You automatically get a criminal record if you are convicted. 

Having a DUI will cause employer's to see you as a person who has a problem with alcohol and following rules. Many Government jobs require a clear criminal record check and private employers often deny jobs to individuals simply for having a DUI.

Depending on the facts of the case, there is also a possibility of the charge and conviction being reported in the media, which can tremendously harm a person's ability to get a job.

Even if the DUI charge results in an acquittal or is withdrawn it can still harm your employability.

Being simply charged with DUI will likely make a few career choices unavailable to you. Even if you end up acquitted of the charge is withdrawn, you likely will be unable to pursue a career in law enforcement. This means a DUI charge will automatically disqualify you from becoming a police officer, customs border guard, of other frontline law enforcement career. It may also limit your ability to pursue certain careers in the military, government, aviation, and other industries.

How can they hold it against me even if I’m not convicted?

It seems inherently unfair and undemocratic to punish individuals who have never been convicted of anything, however this is common in the justice system. For example, if you are charged and denied bail for a crime of which you are ultimately acquitted at trial, you still had to sit in jail for perhaps a year or more while you awaited trial. You’ll never get back the $10,000 you paid your lawyer. You’ll always have a label associated with being charged. There are tremendous negative consequences of simply being charged with any criminal offence and DUI is no exception.

Any impaired driving related conviction under the Criminal Code is considered a criminal record in Canada which will show up on all forms of employment background checks

It is important to note that any form of impaired driving that results in a finding of guilt will result in a criminal record. There is no such thing as an absolute or conditional discharge for anyone found guilty of an impaired driving offence in Canada. This is because the Criminal Code prescribes a mandatory minimum punishment for all forms of impaired offences meaning the Judge cannot issue any form of a discharge upon finding the accused guilty.

The only way those found guilty of drinking and driving to remove their criminal record is to wait a minimum of 5 years from the completion of their sentence (usually a year after their final court date) and apply for a records suspension which itself is a time consuming process that may or may not be successful.

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  • U.S. travel advice and information
  • Help with related immigration issues
  • Employment background check advice/services
  • Fingerprints and records destruction services
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