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How to avoid getting caught for DUI

Obviously, not drinking and driving is the most certain way to avoid a DUI charge. Drinking and driving is legitimately dangerous to your health, finances, and future opportunities. It is also dangerous to the health of innocent third parties.

Who are the hardest drunk drivers to catch?

The hardest person for the police to catch drinking and driving is the individual who:

  1. gets drunk in private alone and drives alone;
  2. who follows the rules of the road;
  3. does not drive at an unusally slow or fast rate of speed (drives the speed limit);
  4. stays in their lane and does not swerv; and
  5. avoid spot checks and RIDE programs (turns around if necessary).

Drunk drivers who get drunk alone in a non public place and then drive somewhere alone (without talking to anyone) are very hard to catch. These people are rarely caught unless they drink to extreme intoxication or are unlucky enough to pass through a police spot check.

Each year about 50,000 Canadians are arrested for DUI – most of them are caught because someone called the police and reported it, they passed through a spot check, or they were stopped after leaving a nightclub or bar.

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