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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

How to avoid getting caught and charged with DUI

Obviously, not drinking and driving is the most certain way to avoid a DUI charge. While we work to defend and ensure the best possible outcomes for those charged with impaired driving, we also feel it is important to raise public awareness of the seriousness of the potential consequences associated with it. Drinking and driving is legitimately dangerous to your health, finances, and future opportunities. It is also dangerous to the health of innocent third parties.

Even those who have been charged with DUI offences most likely agree that having drunk drivers on the road is a public safety risk to themselves and others. Whether you are driving down a two way highway or walking along a sidewalk or road, it is scary to think that an impaired driver may cross the line or veer off the street and hit you. Intoxicated drivers are at a much higher risk to do this due to a general impairment of motor skills, a greater likelihood to be distracted, and an increased propensity to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Many people charged with DUI in Canada are first time offenders with no prior criminal record

Unlike most offences in the Criminal Code, impaired driving offences are frequently committed by individuals with no prior criminal history (first time offenders). They are often students and educated professionals. They are people with a lot to lose whose lives will never be the same because of one mistake. They may lose their job, have a criminal record for impaired show up on all background checks, be denied travel to other countries including the U.S., and if they are in the immigration system be deported from Canada.

When the police charge someone with impaired driving they often say to the accused that they are "lucky" that it is just a criminal charge and that they did not hurt (or kill) themselves or anyone else. Nobody can argue that this is not true but it is also not a comparison anyone wants to have to use to feel better. In reality, even a first time DUI is enough to negatively impact a person's life forever. The consequences are severe and will lead to lifelong regrets especially when all the person had to do was send an Uber.

Awareness of the severe consequences and planning ahead is key. While many who are charged are chronic alcohol abusers, others have very little experience with alcohol. It could be the result of an isolated binge drinking incident. It is easy for someone to miscalculate their impairment level. We routinely get calls from people shocked they blew over 80 after only drinking two tall boys. Sometimes the calls are from professionals (engineers, IT workers, bank employees, teachers, business owners, nurses, lawyers, etc.) who just went out for dinner with their spouse and had a few glasses of wine. Drinking and driving is never worth the risk.

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