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DUI non-conviction records after dropped charges, acquittal, or pardon

Many clients ask if being acquitted of DUI, or having the Crown withdraw the charges, means the record of their arrest is removed entirely. The answer to this question is no. Police keep electronic and paper records of all individuals who are charged with criminal offences. If you get charged with DUI, the charge will be kept in the local police database indefinitely.

This means even if the charge is later found to be unwarranted and dropped (or you are found not guilty) there will always be a record of the fact you were charged. This record will be stored in the local police database of the police department that arrested you, the national CPIC database administered by the RCMP, and with the provincial Crown Attorney's office.

But I heard my fingerprints and picture could be destroyed?

While most police agencies will agree to destroy fingerprint and photograph information upon application if charges result in a non-conviction, this does not mean they are destroying all records of the arrest. They still keep a record of the charge and its disposition. Furthermore, it can often take up to two years for fingerprint records to be destroyed.

The police, customs, and other law enforcement agencies will always have the ability to see you were charged with DUI in the past even if you are not convicted or convicted and later pardoned. It never completely goes away.

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