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DUI and Insurance Rates and Risks in Canada

Almost nothing will raise your insurance rates as significantly as a DUI conviction (over 80, impaired, or refusal). On average, your insurance will will triple after your first DUI. In some cases, your insurer may deem you to be uninsurable. In cases of multiple DUIs, insurance rates can become so high that is it not practical for the driver to insure themselves.

DUIs involving car accidents

As if a tripled insurance rate wasn't bad enough, if you are involved in a car accident while drunk you will likely have to pay for the damage associated to your vehicle yourself. This is because your insurance policy only covers you while you are abiding by its terms. It is a violation of the insurance policy to drive drunk.

If a third party also sustained damages, you could also end up having to pay for these amounts too. While provincial insurance law requires your insurer to pay the costs to injured third parties, your insurance company is then entitled to sue you to recover these amounts. If personal injury or significant property damage results from the accident, these costs can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars (pain and suffering, future income losses, medical bills, etc.).

DUIs involving children of the insurance policy holder

If your teenager is insured on your policy and gets into a DUI accident. You, the parent, could be legally on the hook to pay damages to your insurance company to reimburse them for their payouts to the injured 3rd party. One bad night could force a teen's parents into bankruptcy. Most parent's are unaware of the tremendous financial risk they assume when they let their children take their car and the teen drinks and drives.

Driving without insurance

Individuals with DUIs are the most frequent illegal drivers on the roads because of lack of insurance and violating provincial and criminal driving prohibitions. Driving without insurance or while suspended can generate further tremendous criminal and financial consequences if caught.

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