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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

DUI statistics in Canada

Drinking and driving is extremely common in Canada. Each year, 50,000 Canadians are arrested and charged for DUI, Refusal, and over 80.

How many incidents of DUI actually occur? Millions. There are people on the roads at all hours who are drunk. Some have blood alcohol levels significantly beyond the legal limit and yet go undetected because they drink privately, avoid spot checks, drive thrus, and follow the rules of the road. Many of these individuals have abused alcohol for a long time and have extremely high tolerance to high BAC levels. Even if a person has a high tolerance they are still drunk and very dangerous on the road. Sometimes these people get discovered and caught as a result of a third party's bad driving.

Drinking and driving is an offence committed by people of all backgrounds, ages, and education levels. Many DUI arrests are people with jobs, families, assets, and lives that are threatened when they get arrested for DUI. It is often a first time offence that many will not repeat.

Regardless of a person's background everyone who is charged and convicted of impaired driving will receiving a criminal record in Ontario. In British Columbia, the provincial Government has enacted a program that allows some first time offenders to avoid a criminal record though this program as of 2020 does not exist in Ontario.

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You don't have to jeopardize your future or waste thousands of dollars on excessive legal fees. We provide effective and affordable lawyer representation for those charged with impaired driving offences throughout Ontario.

Have a skilled criminal lawyer who focuses on impaired driving related charges protect you and your future from the stigma and consequences of a criminal record.

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  call us: 647-228-5969


Your case will be defended by a fully licensed Practicing Lawyer of the Law Society of Ontario. For more information about our lawyer, click here.

We provide our clients with:
  • Flat fee pricing
  • U.S. travel advice and information
  • Employment background check advice/services
  • Fingerprints and records destruction services
  • Clear goals of getting charges dropped and bail conditions varied without a trial
  • Help with related immigration issues
  • Vulnerable Sector records suppression help
  • Experienced, focused counsel

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If you are not a paying client, we cannot answer questions and provide assistance with U.S. travel, immigration, employment background checks, and avoiding a criminal record. This includes those who have already retained other counsel and those whose cases have already been completed.

Are you a lawyer? If you are defending an impaired driving related case and are looking for expert advice regarding possible defences, case strategies, and information release management call us at: 647-228-5969.

Please note: We do not accept legal aid certificate cases. All clients are handled on a private retainer only.


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