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DUI statistics in Canada

Drinking any driving is extremely common in Canada. Each year, 50,000 Canadians are arrested and charged for DUI, Refusal, and over 80.

How many incidents of DUI actually occur? Millions. There are people on the roads at all hours who are drunk. Some have blood alcohol levels significantly beyond the legal limit and yet go undetected because they drink privately, avoid spot checks, and follow the rules of the road.

Drinking and driving is an offence committed by people of all backgrounds, ages, and education levels. Many DUI arrests are people with jobs, families, assets, and lives that are threatened when they get arrested for DUI.

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Law and Consequences

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- spot checks
- refusal charges
- insurance and DUI
- child custody and CAS
- career/employment losses
- trial costs
- hiring a lawyer
- the "Carter" defence
- DUI criminal records
- police database and DUI
- US driving with Canada DUI
- get DUI charges dropped

Social and Statistics

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- DUI frequency
- admitting alcoholism
- how drunk drivers get caught
- how many drinks is okay to drive
- alcohol prices in Canada

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