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DUI spot checks and RIDE programs

If I’ve been drinking and driving and I come across a spot check, what should I do?

The best thing to do is to turn around and avoid the spot check if possible. People frequently avoid spot checks even if they are not drinking and driving (but simply want to avoid the traffic/time). Will the police see you turn around and become suspicious? Possibly. However, it can be difficult for police to track down those who avoid spot checks and often they don’t bother pursuing the drivers.

If you drive through the spot check drunk, the officer will likely be able to tell (even if you have significant experience with alcohol). No matter how accustomed you are to hiding your drinking, you won’t be able to control your pupils from not normally dilating when they shine the flashlight in your eyes! The likelihood of being charged increases if you go through the spot check (as opposed to avoiding it).

Police reuse the same locations for spot checks

Keep in mind police tend to use the same locations for spot check multiple times. If you are aware of an area that you’ve seen a spot check at before, there’s a good chance this location will be reused in the future.

Police like to set up spot checks on main city arterial roads normally on Friday and Saturday nights after 10pm. They often pick locations where they can hide the spot check such as just past an overpass on a hill or around a corner (to block the view of the spot check ahead). In the ideal scenario drivers will be caught in the line of cars waiting to go through the spot check before they realize a spot check is there. Obviously, the intent is to make it difficult for drunk drivers to turn around and avoid stopping. 

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