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Can you drive in the US with a Canadian DUI?

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI offence you will automatically receive a one year Canada-wide driving prohibition (as a first time offender). A common question is whether this means you also cannot drive in the United States.

Normally, Canadian drivers are legally allowed to drive in the US because all US states recognize Canadian driver's licences. If you are driving in the United States on your Canadian driver's licence then it is likely a violation of US state law to drive in the US since your provincial driver’s licence is likely suspended because of the DUI. While you are not violating the criminal Canada-wide driving prohibition, you are violating state law because you don't hold a valid driver's licence.

If, however, you hold a valid US state driver’s licence in addition to your Canadian one you likely can still drive in the States despite your Canadian conviction. The Canadian conviction does not effect your US licence, unless there is a US law stating otherwise. Some states have laws recognizing Canadian bans while others do not. It is thus a good idea to check with the DMV of the state you intend to drive in. You must also ensure you have a valid insurance policy in order to drive legally.

Unlike Canada, which has a uniform Criminal Code, each US state has different laws. It is beyond the scope of this website to provide in depth analysis of US law, however a Canadian criminal DUI conviction and driving prohibition in itself does not make it impossible to drive legally in all US states.

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