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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

Truck driver impaired driving charges in Canada

The potential consequences include job and licence loss. Sometimes the charges can be reduced or dropped with proper lawyer representation from the start.

Being charged with a DUI as a truck driver is particularly devastating because upon conviction they will not only be subject to a criminal record and jail but also losing their licence and most certainly their job. Even if a truck driver is self-employed and owns their own truck they are still subject to extremely strict government regulations in Ontario. One of these regulations is that they can only drive with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0. Even if a truck driver is criminally charged and ultimately found below the legit limit of 80 they can still lose their career and licence.

Truck drivers are subject to higher standards than the average person on the road because they operate much larger vehicles that are capable of doing far more damage in an accident. They also drive a lot as driving is their job. A truck driver is a very good profession and people can make a lot of money doing this sort of work but along with that comes a lot of responsibility. Whether the person is driving an 18 wheeler, semi, or or small truck professionally they require special licencing such as a class A, D, DZ or AZ licence by Service Ontario.

Any truck driver who gets charged with an impaired driving offence in Canada is at a high risk of losing their license.

Even if they are driving in a personal capacity in their own car and not working at the time they are charged they may be subject to losing their truck driving privileges and job. Driving a truck is a very serious job and it is highly regulated in numerous ways. One of the number #1 concerns for the ministry of transportation, the federal government, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the police is the prospect of truck drivers potentially being driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. For this reason, penalties are extremely severe if convicted.

We understand that those who drive a truck for a living may get lonely or bored from time to time and choose to drink or use cannabis to try to alleviate those feelings.

They are often away from their families and spend long hours on the road driving under pressure to deliver loads on time while not speeding and being subject to very strict driving conditions. As of 2021 commercial trucks are often monitored via GPS tracking to ensure the driver is following the rules and required protocols. Even if the truck driver owns their own truck they still get paid by the companies that employ them to ship goods and those companies must ensure all procedures are followed else they may be sued or lose their licences.

If you are a truck driver charged with a DUI related offence you should contact us immediately to determine the best way to handle your case.

For Canadian or immigrant truck drivers they may also rely on being about to cross the U.S. border as part of their job and being convicted of an impaired driving offence may permanently prevent them from doing that.

If the accused is a Canadian citizen, or works on a work permit or PR, they may not be able to drive into the U.S. again because of the charges. This means their Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program pass will be confiscated and they will be noted in the U.S. Customs computer system as being ineligible to enter the United States. If the truck driver is from the U.S. and gets charged and convicted of a DUI in Canada or in the U.S. they will most likely not be allowed to cross the border into Canada in the future.

The criminal courts in Canada will also take the fact that you are a truck driver into consideration if you are found guilty.

It would be considered a significant aggravating factor in your case as it relates to public safety. Given that impaired drivers in Canada may receive up to 2 years in jail at a minimum a truck driver who gets charged may end up with a much harsher punishment than just a regular drunk driver on the road even if they were not driving a truck or working at the time of their arrest.

While the standards are higher for truck drivers than regular people on the road the charges still must be proven in court. Just like any other impaired driving case there are often several ways to successfully defend the charges that the accused may not be aware of. DUI cases are highly technical in nature and it may be possible for a lawyer to get your charges dropped or win an acquittal at trial.

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