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Third time DUI / Impaired driving charges in Canada

Those charged with impaired driving for the 3rd time in Canada will be subject to a minimum sentence of 120 days in jail.

Can I get parole for a DUI or will I have to serve the whole sentence in jail?

Parole is possible but highly unlikely in a provincial jail. In Ontario jails you can apply for parole after serving 2/3rds of your sentence but parole is rarely granted for sentences less than 2 years. In the federal prison system most non violent offenders will receive parole after serving 1/3rd of their sentence or day release after 1/6th of their sentence.

Most 3rd time DUI offenders are not sentenced to the federal penitentiary (2 years or more) unless there are aggravating factors to their case such as injuries to third parties, accidents, extremely high BAC reading etc. Sometimes the court will sentence the offender to 2 years less one day for a DUI which normally means they will have to serve the full sentence in a provincial jail without ever getting parole.

Provincial jail is considered to be “hard time” compared to the federal prison system because inmates generally have less privacy, freedom (such as not being on lockdown nearly as often), and privileges than federal inmates including opportunities to be released on parole. Most people would prefer to be sentenced to 2 years in a federal prison than 2 years less a day in Canada.

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