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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

Impaired driving charges after someone called the police/911 and reported it.

People who have never been charged with an impaired driving offence before often think the charges will stem from the police following behind them and pulling them over for their driving, after getting into a car accident, or ending up at a roadstop or border perhaps unknowingly. In reality, DUI charges are similar to most criminal offences in that they normally result from someone calling the police and reporting it. This could be a waitress, fast food worker, friend, spouse/partner, security guard, family member or anyone else who believes you are drinking and driving.

Impaired driving is a serious offence and a lot of people, while drunk, just assume that nobody notices or cares to call the police. In reality it is usually quite obvious that someone should not be driving and people will literally run to phone 911/the police the minute you drive off to report you to the police. Not everyone has the personality type, or may be afraid, to confront someone intending to drink and drive to take away their keys. Sometimes people who are drunk cannot be reasoned with.

Even in circumstances where the accused has no idea the people they were around while drinking will call the police to report them for impaired driving/over 80 this is the main reason people get pulled over and charged.

When police get calls for impaired driving they almost always respond to them very quickly. They are high priority serious crimes in process with a potential that people will be seriously injured or killed. The dispatcher will alert the nearest officers in the area who will search for the suspect’s vehicle, pull them over, test them, and charge them. This is how most people get charged with DUI and they often wake up the next morning wondering why the police pulled them over to begin with.

The police do not need to and often do not provide the accused with what information led to their arrest in impaired driving cases, but this information will be disclosed to their lawyer when the case goes to court. Sometimes redactions are made to prevent the identity of the witnesses in the disclosure paperwork but at trial they may be called to testify.

If someone is charged with impaired driving normally the court will need to assess whether they were legally impaired and in care and control of the vehicle. Sometimes the motives of the reporting witness may come into play if the accused is somehow tricked into becoming drunk and/or driving though such scenarios are rare.

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