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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

Impaired driving charges: accused in the hospital after causing a car accident.

A lot of impaired driving charges are laid after an accident occurs. Sometimes the accused is not aware that anything is wrong until they wake up in the hospital with paperwork from the police saying they are charged with drunk driving. This is a difficult thing to experience as many people have blacked out and have very little or no memory of what happened or why they were charged. The police are not obligated to provide all of the details upon arrest which is one of the reasons why suspected or accused people should remain silent.

Impaired driving cases take months at a minimum to years to potentially resolve. Anyone who is charged is under no legal obligation to talk to the police and incriminate themselves and should remain silent. When they wake up in the hospital and see the police there they may think the police are there to protect and help them. If they have been brought to the hospital because the police arrested them for impaired driving after an accident and are given a court date they are being criminally charged.

The accused should always exercise their right to remain silent

What the accused says to the police may incriminate them not only for the current impaired driving charge that they are already facing but also for other things that can make their case a lot worse. A lot of people who wake up in a hospital bed may have blacked out and have no memory of what occurred the night before. If they were drinking and driving and end up in the hospital there is a good chance they were also involved in a collision which may have caused an injury or death to a third party.

Everything that is said can and will be used against the accused in court. They may easily admit to things, or make statements that could result in them being imprisoned for years. Sometimes when people black out and wake up in the hospital with police present they just want to talk. The police will encourage and even try to extract statements out of people in these circumstances because it is their job to do so.

Talking and making statements about what you do or do not remember is not helpful for you personally which is why any lawyer should advise you to respectfully decline to answer any questions.

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