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Engineers, P.Eng (PEO) charges for DUI/impaired driving, failure/refusal, over 80 in Canada

How impaired driving charges for P.Eng engineers, students and interns in the CEAB and EIT programs can cause regulatory issues with the PEO, IRCC and employers.

In Ontario engineers are regulated by the PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario) which has been granted authority under the Professional Engineers Act to govern the Engineering profession. The PEO has strict standards for their designations, such as the P.Eng. Seal with regards to criminality. When an engineer gets charged and convicted of impaired driving this may be grounds for them losing their professional accreditation with the PEO.

It also may be grounds for their employer to fire them from their job, or being kicked out of their engineering studies at school. Often the workplace will discover the charges through an employment background check which may be done through a third party or the local police force.

Engineers are trusted to analyze and mathematically construct solutions for complex problems. If an engineer gets charged with an impaired driving offence their credibility may be called into question because there is an implied suggestion that they may be drinking on the job (which of course may not be the case at all). If a P.Eng is found guilty of impaired driving, which automatically results in a criminal conviction record, this may also be grounds for disciplinary action by the PEO for conduct unbecoming an engineer. It reflects badly upon the profession to have licenced members convicted of criminal offences.

CEAB-accredited engineering (non-CEAB), PEO’s Engineering Intern (EIT) program

Those charged with impaired driving in Canada come from all different backgrounds and countries. Some were educated outside of Canada and are graduates of a non-Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board engineering program (non-CEAB), others are in the PEO’s Engineering Intern (EIT) program stream. Regardless of the background of the applicant their criminal record history will be scrutinised. This applies to both current Engineers and Engineering Interns and students in Canada.

If the engineer, student, or intern is not a Canadian Citizen they may be deported and found inadmissible to Canada on criminal grounds if they are convicted of an impaired driving offence.

We have many clients from countries such as India, the U.S., etc. whose qualifications are very strong but since they were charged with a DUI risk deportation by IRCC/customs if convicted.

For an engineer, who has spent many years in school and on worksites honing their craft, an impaired driving charge can be extremely devastating. Whether they are an already working P.Eng or in the non-CEAB or EIT program, the end result of the criminal case is paramount.

For some the fear is deportation, being banned from entering Canada and the U.S. in the future, and the refusal of IRCC immigration applications (student, work permit, PR, citizenship etc.). For others it is that they will never be certified by the PEO as an Engineer (P.Eng Seal) and their career plans will be over. Some fear losing their job if they get a criminal record.

If you have received a Form 9 Appearance Notice, a Form 10 Undertaking, or a Form 11 Release Order for an impaired driving related offence you should consult with a criminal lawyer immediately.

Impaired driving cases are considered to be extremely serious in Canada. The case will go to court and the result of the case will determine your future. Engineering is a highly respected profession in Canada and as such the standards for those who work in that field are very high. Since impaired driving is a mandatory minimum offence in Canada, anyone who is found guilty (DUI, failure/refusal, over 80) will receive a criminal conviction record at a minimum and a possible jail sentence.

In DUI cases, the Judge has no choice under the Criminal Code but to give the accused a criminal record if they are found guilty. This will accompany a driving prohibition and a fine at a minimum. Depending on the facts of the case and their prior record, the accused may also be sentenced to jail.

If you are a student, non-CEAB, EIT, or a P.Eng and are charged with a DUI related offence it is in your best interest to consult with a criminal lawyer to review your case immediately. Sometimes cases can be dropped (withdrawn), charges can be reduced to HTA traffic offences, or you may have grounds to be found not guilty at trial.

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  • U.S. travel advice and information
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  • Employment background check advice/services
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