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Getting charged for DUI after playing hockey

Recreational hockey is called the "beer league" for a reason. Driving afterwards often leads to impaired driving charges.

There is a reason many recreational hockey leagues are called “beer leagues” in Ontario. Drinking often occurs in the locker rooms. Since most people do not take public transportation to go play hockey, they may find themselves being pulled over or stopped at a RIDE checkpoint after the game.

Police in some jurisdictions will receive information from other players, wives, nosy neighbours, or other 3rd parties and then actively watch and wait for beer league hockey players outside the rink to see if they get in their car and drive. Sometimes the accused is in the middle of a separation/divorce where their spouse knows they often drive home after having a few drinks and reports it to the police hoping for them to get charged for DUI.

A DUI charge may help them in the family law court system gain custody of the children as they are able to say in court that the father has a history of drinking and driving.

The courts have long accepted this as a reason to view a father as a possible danger to the kids, particularly if they drive with them in the car.

The husband may view going to play hockey and having a few drinks with the boys as an escape from a troubled marriage while their wife sees it as an opportunity to have him charged and present that in family court. In some cases the spouse may have already spoken to a family law lawyer who has informed them that a DUI charge would be beneficial to their custody battle.

Whether it be a wife/spouse, fellow player, or anyone else with a grudge or concern for public safety, the police are more than happy to investigate after hockey game DUIs and appreciate the tips they receive from the public. Most DUI cases are the result of a call from a 3rd party who is concerned for public safety, motivated to get the accused charged for personal reasons, or both.

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