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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

Charged with DUI after getting into a car accident

Police are often called to and respond to car accidents. If one of the drivers involved in the accident shows signs of impairment they will be put through a roadside sobriety test (eye movement, walking in a straight line, standing on one foot and counting etc.) and often receive a demand by the police to blow in a breathalyzer Approved Screening Device (ASD) which will either give a reading of pass, warn or fail. Normally pass is anything under 50, warn is over 50 but under 80 and 80 and over is a fail. It is said the devices allow for some leniency for being a bit above these limits but this may not be true.

Drunk driving charges following a car accident are legally much worse for the accused than arrests made after being stopped at the roadside and subsequently arrested.

If an accident occured, the accused may themselves be injured or have hurt or killed someone else (passenger, someone in another car, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.). The law in Canada does not just look at what the accused did (drink and drive) but also the harm that resulted as a result of their actions. Harm also includes property damage of third parties and/or the public.

All DUI cases are serious but if someone, particularly a third party, is injured as a result of an accident that occurs the accused will face a much harsher sentence upon conviction. In Ontario, some drunk drivers have received 10 years in prison as a result of causing death to 3rd parties because they drove drunk and got into an accident. Such a case is at the highest end of the spectrum but others where there was an accident and property or physical damage to someone occurred will attract a much more severe sentence (jail) than if the accused is pulled over by the police while drunk and no accident occured.

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