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Charged over the weekend for impaired driving

The police tend to step up DUI enforcement on days they anticipate drunk drivers will be on the road so weekends generally they are on peak patrol. They also tend to set up checkpoints (RIDE programs) on the weekend to seek out people to charge. They specifically ramp up efforts to catch people on holidays as well.

While there are hardcore alcoholics that get charged with impaired driving, most of our clients are first time offenders who don’t have a substantial alcohol abuse problem. People charged on the weekend are more likely to fit the profile of someone who binge drinks from time to time. They may also just simply went out with the spouse and had a few drinks at a restaurant only to get pulled over shortly after leaving the parking lot.

It is very common for a waitress to report the alcohol consumption to management or security who will watch to see if the person or couple drives off. They then call the police and report it as they do not want the liability of a civil lawsuit should the person get in an accident after they served them liquor.

Holidays such as New Years Day and Canada Day are #1 for the police looking for drunk drivers. Christmas and Easter would come in second place.

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