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Toronto lawyers dedicated to helping people charged with impaired driving

Charged with DUI after leaving or in the parking lot of a bar, restaurant, nightclub, arena, hotel, fast food establishment etc.

When people get drunk or attend at a public place while intoxicated they are often subject to more scrutiny than they are aware of. This is because businesses have a vested financial interest in not being accused of over serving or being complicit in someone drinking and driving. Canadian law is well established that a business can be sued if they serve someone to the point of being impaired and they subsequently drink and drive.

The last thing a business wants is a lawsuit blaming them for property damage, personal injury or death as a result of an impaired driving incident stemming from activity that took place on their premises. As such they invest a significant amount of money in security guards (undercover and uniformed) and training waitresses, servers, managers, and other employees how to detect impaired patrons and that the proper response is to call the police if they act rowdy or attempt to drive.

Sometimes it is not someone working for the establishment themselves but a third party fellow customer who may not even be known to the accused. In cases where the accused seems out of control even the people they are with (co-workers, friends, date, spouse etc.) may call the police once they get behind the wheel.

Reports of impaired driving are often made via 911 where the operator will determine the name and location of the business, the suspect’s and vehicle description, licence plate number, known direction of travel, etc. and the nearest police officer will then respond and stop them and conduct tests to determine whether they are drinking and driving and above the legal limit.

While a lot of cases originate from places where businesses serve alcohol, fast food drive-thrus are also a huge source of tips for the police.

Many people get charged with impaired driving after drinking at home (perhaps alone) and then deciding to visit a McDonalds, KFC, Wendys, Burger King or other fast food restaurant for a snack. Employees at these restaurants are trained to call the police if they suspect someone in the drive-thru is drunk and probably enjoy doing so as it provides them with a break from their job and a sense of doing a public service.

Whether you are charged after leaving a bar, restaurant, fast food joint, night club, concert, hotel, or any other event/place all impaired driving cases require substantial proof of impairment and there are many legal technicalities that may lead to the charges being dropped or an acquittal if they are properly defended by a lawyer.

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  • U.S. travel advice and information
  • Help with related immigration issues
  • Employment background check advice/services
  • Fingerprints and records destruction services
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