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DUI charges after attending a work related event or party

Getting drunk or drinking at the workplace or among coworkers is always a bad idea. Workplaces are often overtly hostile or subtly hostile places. Fellow employees are often looking for a way to bring a coworker they don’t like down, itching to do something new to report to their boss, or just simply enjoy the drama and accolades of reporting someone who is drinking and driving. They are doing the right thing by reporting it, but are more eager to do it than their coworkers realize before getting charged.

People should not drink and drive ever because it is incredibly dangerous and illegal. Nobody should ever drink and drive but the point is that many people who get charged after a coworker called the police to report them were under the false impression nobody would say anything. This is usually not the case at all.

A lot of people do get turned in by coworkers who they consider to be colleagues or maybe even friends after drinking at work or a work related social event.

This is usually following an event sponsored or promoted by the employer. Anyone attending such an event should know that people you think are your friends will call the police and report you. They may not feel comfortable confronting you to your face about drinking and driving but will immediately call 911 or the police the second you leave or turn your back to them.

Some of them are even looking for people to report. If you get drunk at work you may think everyone else is also drunk and do not care but in reality most of the people will be sober or have had only one or two drinks (social drinking) at a workplace social party or event. They are often eager to call the police once you leave.

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